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Declaration of Food Conformity Items

Castegnero (VI), 30/11/09

Plastime Spa, Via Del Lavoro 19 - 36020 Castegnero (VI) - Italy certifies with this letter that plastic containers with pictogram or with description “per alimenti” have been produced transforming one of the following components with eventual addition of masterbatches:

High Density Polyethilene
Low Density Polyethilene
Acrinolitrile Styrene

These containers are suitable to contact any food according to European Legislation 2002/72/EC and further amendments, applicable to all State Members.

Global migration tests provided for European Legislation 2002/72/CE check that containers do not release their constituents to food more than the set limits (LGM), whose respect is to the for-food-stuff-material producer's responsability.

Tests results ordered by Plastime to an external certified laboratory are inferior than the statutory limit, equal to 60 mg/kg.

Therefore, plastic containers shown in Plastime's catalogue or web site with pictogram or wording "per alimenti" can be used in the following usage conditions:

As consequence of any possible legislation changes, we kindly advise the customer to check every two years the validity of this declaration.

Plastime SpA

Download the “Declaration of Food Conformity Items” in PDF format