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Container high-wall

Serial of wide industrial use containers, perfect for agricultural and food industry, stackable and produced with first row material


Code Description Model Outside / cm Inside / cmlt Pieces per package Pieces per m³ Pieces per EUR
0361 ▶Container high-wall20 lt45x31,5x2038x28x19,220141
0362 ▶Container high-wall30 lt52x42x2045x38x19,230127
0363 ▶Container high-wall46 lt62,5x37x2656x33x25,246119
0364 ▶Container high-wall72 lt73x44x3165x39,5x3072112
0365 ▶Container high-wall100 lt60x50x44,553,5x45x43100113
0366 ▶Container high-wall130 lt83x57x35,576x53x34,513016