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Declaration of Conformity to REACH Legislation (Directive 2006/1907/EC dated 18/12/2006)

Castegnero, December 1st, 2009

Dear Customers,

We inform you that plastic articles which you buy are produced by Plastime converting "preparations", mixture of polymer part and eventually masterbatch.

According to REACH legislation, "preparations" do not need to be registered separately, provided always that the individual parts of the preparation are (pre-)registered.

Besides, according to REACH regulation, polymers are exempted by registration (article 2, (9)).

Therefore, our Company must not register anything in REACH sphere, because there is no origination of any new element during the transformation process.

Plastime purchases all row materials for "preparation" by qualified suppliers, checks all purchased row materials documentations to be according to REACH regulation and has not received by them any letter of renounce to the elements (pre-)registration.

Regarding the presence of dangerous elements (SVHC) edited by ECHA on 28/10/2008, we state that:

according to the production of the above mentioned plastic products recipes, the substances listed (in a concentration higher than the restricted threshold of 0,1%) are not used or added with intent.

Nevertheless, the absence has not been tested.

Even if the above mentioned substances are not added with intent, this does not exclude point particles presence due to impurities inside parts supplied by third parties and used during the production process.

Plastime will constantly inform its own customers about any developments in REACH matter.

In the meantime, in case of further questions, we please you to contact Plastime's sales office or to send an e-mail to:

These information are applied on the completed product, as it leaves our warehouse and does not cover any eventual further alterations done by users.

Plastime SpA

Download the “Declaration of Conformity to REACH Legislation” in PDF format